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"I look forward to getting to know you, while doing everything in my power to get you the disability benefits that you deserve." 
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          What makes a strong disability case?  

​Below is an image of a handout I am offering to doctors, which gives their patients valuable information about the minimum requirements to be eligible for social security disability benefits, and, seven factors that may mean a strong disability case.    

I also include a letter to these doctors that explains the two below general reasons why legal help can be critical to a winning case.

1. Legal help is necessary given the complexity of the adjudicative process that can span over two years. I work closely with clients to help them apply, do their appeals, obtain/submit medical records, write legal briefs, get additional supportive information from doctors, and critically, represent them at an administrative law hearing. I have a doctoral degree in psychology, and pride myself in making this process as stress-free as possible.
Disability representative in Baltimore and Washington, DC area
2. Without legal guidance, people often give up after the first denial, not realizing that most favorable outcomes happen only after needed appeals and an administrative law hearing. Instead, people give up after an initial denial, re-apply at a later date, get denied again, etc., becoming “serial appliers” without ever winning the benefits that they deserve.

         The handout: