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in my power to get you the disability benefits that you deserve." 
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Disability representative in Baltimore and Washington, DC area
    Your success depends on four general requirements (read much more here):

1. You are "technically eligible" to receive disability benefits, with requirements that vary depending on whether you are seeking benefits from disability insurance or supplemental security income. 

2. Your medical records are entirely consistent in clearly supporting why you have not been able to work, and that your resulting severe impairments have lasted (or will last) at least 12 consecutive months (or expected to result in death). 

3. All of your medical records have been submitted to your "exhibit file".  Although the SSA makes an initial attempt to request these records, our efforts to make sure all your doctors have provided this evidence of your disability will be critical.  I will also ask your doctors to complete an additional assessment of your impairments that will be very important to your case.  

4. You have been diagnosed with certain very serious mental and/or physical conditions that the SSA assumes that you are not able to do any job (without needing to prove it), or if not, you are unable to do your "past relevant work" or any other work "in the national economy". 
Disability representative serving claimants everywhere, based in Baltimore and Washington, DC areas
Winning Disability Cases, LLC ®                                                                                                                         Serving claimants everywhere
Jeff Hadley, EDPNA, Ph.D.
Disability Representative

Winning Disability Cases, LLC
Are you unable to work and want to apply for social 
security disability benefits (or have already applied)?

Let's work together to lift the dark clouds of your life, 
and win the disability benefits that you deserve.
Jeff Hadley, EDPNA, Ph.D
Winning Disability Cases, LLC

Serving claimants everywhere
        My credentials:
I am a non-attorney disability representative and an active member of the National Association of Disability Representatives.  I have passed a rigorous exam given by the Social Security Administration, which demonstrates my thorough knowledge of disability law.  I am able to give you the same legal advantages as any attorney, with a "win rate"  more than 50% higher than the national average.

Effective disability law practice requires more than just knowledge of the law.  I have the ability to apply the law to ensure the greatest chance of winning your case.  I have a doctoral degree in Psychology, and pride myself in helping you through this trying process, and if a hearing is necessary, to provide the "coaching" so that your testimony will effectively describe how your life circumstances makes it impossible to work. 

Before becoming a disability representative, I conducted public health research at the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, for the Army, and for the U.S. Department of Transportation.  I will use my proven research skills and analytic mind to understand every aspect of your case, and my extensive public speaking experience to convince the judge of the merits of your case!
Serving claimants everywhere
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