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"I look forward to getting to know you, while doing everything in my power to get you the disability benefits that you deserve." 
Disability representative in Baltimore and Washington, DC area
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Do you need legal help to apply for social security disability benefits, appeal a denial, or to best present your case at an upcoming hearing?  

I am a non-attorney disability representative and member of the National Association of Disability Representatives. I have passed a rigorous SSA exam showing my knowledge of disability law, and give you the identical legal advantages as an attorney... and the below advantages as well (and read this too!).  

I have a doctoral degree in psychology, and pride myself in helping you through this trying process, and if a hearing is necessary, to provide the coaching so your testimony will best describe how your physical and/or mental limitations makes it impossible to work. 

Before becoming a disability representative, I was a successful public health researcher at major universities. I will use my proven research skills and analytic mind to understand every aspect of your case, and my extensive public speaking experience to convince the judge of the merits of your case!
My mission: To win your case as soon as possible!
specialize in maximizing the chance of getting you the disability benefits you deserve without going through repeated appeals and eventually having a hearing (a 2+ year process).  

I will not just say “call me when you are denied and I will help you appeal,” but do everything possible to help you be one of the 25% of claimants who win before the need to appeal a denial!
​If you do need to appeal for a hearing, the 15 to 20 month wait will be a time to make your case even stronger.  I will obtain all of the records of your ongoing medical treatment, and with each batch of new supportive evidence, a "pre-hearing brief" will be submitted that argues for a favorable decision (sometimes resulting in a favorable decision without the need for a hearing).
If despite our best efforts a hearing is necessary, all of our cumulative efforts from the beginning will have resulted in a very strong case for why you could not work, and the hearing becomes simply a formality to finally win your case (i.e., an easy “favorable” decision for the judge).  
What if you still need a hearing?
Jeff Hadley, EDPNA, Ph.D
Winning Disability Cases, LLC

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