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           Are you applying on behalf of your child?  

​For children (under 18 years old), you are applying for Supplemental Security Income ("SSI") benefits.  Winning the case is of course not based on an inability to work, but on whether your child in unable to function as well as other children his or her age. This determination is made based on medical and school records on the degree to which your child has difficulties in the ability to "initiate, sustain, or complete independent tasks" across each of the below six domains.  

Winning the case would require "marked" limitations in at least two of the below domains (more than "moderate" limitations), or, an "extreme" limitation in at least one area (more than "marked" limitations).  

(1) Acquiring and using information (an ability to learn and use new information)

(2) Attending and completing tasks (an ability to focus without becoming easily distracted)

(3) Interacting and relating with others (able to be understood and socialize with others)

(4) Moving about and manipulating objects (without delays of motor development/coordination)

(5) Caring for oneself (able to avoid dangerous situations in an age-appropriate manner)

(6) Health and physical well-being (without severe and chronic physical health conditions)

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