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Winning Disability Cases Affiliate Program
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Spread the word to save them money (and increase your commissions)!
You will have a "dashboard" to track everything in real time (and alerted by email), including when a referral reserves a time for me to call (i.e., without naming the person).

Your dashboard also includes information on your pending commission totals paid monthly.
You are given a unique referral link to deliver people to my web site, and if that visit generates a new client, I will pay a commission of $200.

In fact, you "earn" the commission even if the person does not pursue my help for up to 30 days after clicking your referral link (and becomes a new client).
It could not be simpler
Winning Disability Cases Affiliate Program
I am offering your referrals up to an extra $500 in "back pay" when they win. Virtually all representatives use fee agreements that maximize their fee as allowed by law, which is 25% of back pay that caps at $6000.  I will instead offer your referrals a fee agreement of only 20% of back pay that instead caps at $5500 (resulting in the $500 reduction in legal fees for most people).

Now you have a reason to recommend my services, so don't be shy in using your affiliate link to spread the word by email, social media, or on any web sites.
Where does this all happen?
This technologic 'magic' happens at Tapfiliate.com, where you will establish an account and get all the information you need to be successful. 

They use cloud-based affiliate tracking software that is truly amazing yet very simple for the user.  Sign up takes seconds, after which you will receive an email from me to e-sign our affiliate agreement.  Once "approved", logging into your Tapfiliate account will provide your commission-earning referral link ... and you'll be "off and running".
I cannot wait to start sending you commission checks, as I depend on your success for my success!
Winning Disability Cases Affiliate Program
Winning Disability Cases Affiliate Program
Are you a medical provider or nonprofit organization, cannot accept referral fees, 
but DO want to offer discounted legal fees?
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