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"I look forward to getting to know you, while doing everything in my power to get you the disability benefits that you deserve." 
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I will represent you very well no matter where you live!  

Representation of people applying for Social Security Disability Benefits is in no way sacrificed by not meeting in person. Of course, if despite our best efforts a hearing is necessary, I will be there to argue your case and give you the best chance of winning.

The below virtual tools will greatly benefit our work together... and make it more "personal".

I use a technology that allows for a virtual meeting in which you will see my computer screen from your computer screen, and, you will be able to see me talking (and vice versa if desired).
More use of virtual tools: Carezone.com
Carezone.com is a web-based service where everything about our work on your claim will be securely and efficiently maintained and updated by both of us. 

The centerpiece of Carezone is a journal where you can ask me questions (and get answers), update me about how you are doing, and document any events that illustrate your impairments (that I can use to argue for your case).

Your Carezone account will include your updated official claim status, Profile data, Doctor contacts, Medication list, and a Calendar to keep me updated on your upcoming doctor's appointments.  

A "To Do" page will keep us up to speed on what needs to be done (by me or you), and with a record of completed tasks. 
Even more use of virtual tools: Adobe Sign
Adobe Sign is a service that allows an ability to sign our representation agreements online.  This means being able to act "as you" with the SSA without any delay, and without the inconvenience of using "snail mail". You will also e-sign authorizations so I can be sent your medical records. The final copy of signed documents are automatically emailed to each of us.
These sessions at https://join.me/jeff.hadley will be very useful when we are completing forms required by the SSA, or if we are completing an online initial application or appeal.  

Scheduling these 'join.me' sessions will be as easy as reserving a time on my online calendar.